10 Years After The Reovlution Essay

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10 Years After The Reovlution

The so-called

"Velvet revolution " ended the communist control of

Czechoslovakia in late 1989. On November 17 the formal

government allowed a demonstration, where people

commemorated the 50th anniversary of a cruel suppression

of a student demonstration in German-occupied Prague.

However, history repeated itself and the students were

brutally beaten by police. As a result a large protest

movement developed. Demonstrations and strikes

occurred across the whole country under the leadership of

Obcanske forum, which was leaded by Vaclav Havel, a

dissident playwright and Charter 77 signer. Following the

political turmoil he became the new president of

Czechoslovakia. Ten years after the Velvet Revolution

many political and social changes have occurred within the

former Czechoslovakia. The first major change was the

peaceful split of the country to form two separate states,

the Czech Republic and Slovakia as we know it today.

Following this split much of the former communist

infrastructure was disbanded including many state run

industries in an attempt to make them more efficient and

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