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“ We think of ourselves as Knights of the Holy Contact. This is a lie.... we need only mirrors.”

Man has always tried to create or search for another life form, whether this life form’s
intelligence is less than, equal to, or greater than our own intelligence, hence the
“Knights of holy Contact.” We search as the Knights of the Round Table did for the Holy
Grail. Yet in stories and movies of today the first thing that happens when man discovers
an intelligent or creates a being, they assume the worst will happen. The military and
government become involved, as is the case in the movie “Contact. Instead of trying to
work with and befriend the being, we want to study and dissect the creature to learn its
habits and weaknesses.

In the movie Blade Runner, man creates a superior being in strength and agility. They try
to control the being by making its intelligence below their own. He controls the being’s
life by not allowing it to have memories and genetically alters the creation’s life span.
Thus man feels that he is in control. However, they grow uncomfortable with their own
creation. It has learned to evolve and searches for ways to expand it’s life. This brings
the being closer to man himself, so they hunt them down to destroy them. Thus the creator
becomes scared of his own creation. Man trains and specializes his own for this one
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