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The first person that I have interviewed is Ella, she is an NYU Graduate who is

working as a Web Designer and is earning approximately $45,000 a year. She lives in

Brooklyn, New York for seven years. Ella claims that she liked "Dodge Grand Caravan" as
her first choice. First of all, she likes the ad because it's a family car that
serves/fits all her needs. Secondly, she likes this ad because the color red is her
favorite color. According to Ella's interpretation, she feels that by looking at the
advertisement about the "Dodge Grand Caravan" a person will get all the explanation he/she
needs. Her second choice was "Volvo" which looks like a very nice car, but does not apply
to the need of a customer. She would prefer to know the features that the car is offering.
She feels that the name of the brand is hidden because its all the way on top and on the
edge that it would not be visible to the eye of the customer. Her third choice was "Ford
Expedition", because looking at the magazine ad she feels that it explains the variation
of the car. However, she thinks that the ad does not apply why it was advertised for and
that there is not enough description to the car. Her fourth choice was "Suzuki", because
she claims that the ad itself takes a person attention. Therefore, she also liked that the
typeface "S" and "Suzuki" overlaps on top of each other. Her Fifth choice was "Toyota",
because she thinks it's a nice looking car, but the theme that was used for this ad is a
little bit funny. She feels that way because the theme does not fit to the description of
the car. Her suggestion for this ad is to create more ideas, (i.e. the name of the brand
should be visible; the slogan should be different in the sense that it should apply to the
description of the car).

Svetlana Khanimova

The second person that I have interviewed is Milana. She is a 22 years old

nurse from Brooklyn, N.Y. Milana earns about $50,000 a year she likes to play

volleyball and read novels in her spare time. Her first choice was the "All new Dodge

Grand Caravan", because of two reasons: First of all she said that's it's a big family

car and it is red color which caught her attention very fast. Second, this model contains

a lot of details that can help her get as much information as she needs. Her second

choice was "Ford Expedition", because it gave her a good impression since she likes

to travel a lot and therefore this appearance fulfills her needs. She feels that this car ad

claims that it can handle traveling. In addition, it has different models and nice logo. She

feels that this advertisement needs to put more information about this model. Her third

choice was "Suzuki", because the liked the comparison between the Suzuki and the

cheetah, which transforms into high speed. In addition, she feels that the car is luxurious

and big enough for the family. Also it gives enough information and has a good

description of the car. Her forth choice is "Volvo"; she claims that it is a powerful car

and can handle all the roads. She likes what it says on the side "Volvo for life", but

she also feels that there is not enough information about the features of the car. Her fifth

choice is "Toyota"; she feels that it is not a very successful ad because it doesn't

convince her to buy the car. She thinks that the car is too far, it needs to be closer

and side wise, so that the customer can see the whole model. She also feels that the

information that "Toyota" provides is very limited.

Maya is the third person that I have interviewed. She is a 21 female that lives in
Brooklyn, N.Y. She is a college student who lives with her parents. Her hobbies include,
playing volleyball, basketball, and ice scatting. Maya's first choice was the "Dodge Grand
Caravan", because it caught her eyes to the information that she needs. For example, it
provides the information that her and her family need. Her second choice was "Toyota"
because she claims that it's a pretty white car that does not qualify to the specific
descriptions that a consumer might need. She feels that the theme is kind of cute but it
doesn't really apply to the car. Her third choice was "Suzuki", because she liked the
motion, the ad captured her attention. She also liked the logo of "Suzuki". Her fourth
choice was "Ford", because by looking at the ad she feels that the information that is
given there is very suitable and reliable. Her fifth choice was "Volvo", because it does
not provide so many details like Dodge, it's simple.

Olga is a 24-year-old pharmacist from Brooklyn, New York. She makes

approximately $60,000 a year and what interest her the most is medicine, design, and

skiing. Olga''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s first choice
as her favorite car ad was the "Dodge Grand Caravan",

because she liked the interior and the exterior design of the car that is suitable for the

whole family. In her opinion she states that "it is the best advertisement for the car".

Her second choice would be "Ford", because she feels that the ad portrays the message

that you can drive anywhere and be everywhere. She said that "in order for this ad to

be successful it needs to add more information about the car (i.e.
it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s features, price and

qualities)". Her third choice would be "Suzuki", because you can see the car in motion.

According to Olga''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s opinion
she feels that "in order to make the ad more successful the

advertiser needs to change the appearance of an ad. For instance, the name "Suzuki" is

on the side where it is not visible". Her forth choice would be "Volvo", because she

thinks that the ad claims that it can cross roads, cross borders, cross town and cross

country. But she feels that the ad is lacking information about its features and

characteristics. Her fifth choice would be "Toyota"; according to Olga, "if I would see

this ad on a certain magazine it would not capture my attention. "Toyota" is using such a

theme that I think is so bizarre and so not attractive to the customer."

Marina is a 26 years old college graduate from Brooklyn, New York. She

works as an accountant and earn approximately $80,000 a year. Her favorite thing to

do is read novels, listen to music, and go shopping. Her fist choice as a customer is

"Dodge Grand Caravan", because she feels that, "by looking at the other
ad''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s it caught

my attention directly. It specifies the information that I prefer to buy and would

recommend my family and friends".
Marina''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s second choice was
"Ford Expedition".

She feels that this magazine advertising is breath taking because the view and the

background is so beautifully captured which takes her attention towards the view, the

car and also the description. Her third choice of the five advertisements was "Volvo".

She liked the view and how they positioned the car being in motion. Therefore, she

feels that there was less description to this car or that this ad does not have the

necessary availability's that she as the customer would want to find out. Her forth

choice was "Toyota". Well, she feels that the name itself sounds very attractive. She

thinks that this ad is very simple, because the ad provides the picture, the slogan, and

the phone number of "Toyota" dealers for people who have questions about the car. Her

fifth choice was "Suzuki", because of how it was captured in the motion between a car

and two cheetahs. Therefore, it gives a direct info of how this car races promptly faster

than the tow cheetahs. She feels that the background caption is really nice and simple

because it in the desert. She also thinks, the typeface/logo that was used to design this

ad is stupendous.

Roman is a 22 year old college student that is majoring in Accounting. In his

spare time, he likes to play chess, volleyball and do a little swimming.
Roman''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s first

choice is "Dodge Caravan", because
it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s a family car and the
ad explains every detail of

the car. He believes that this is the car that is suitable for every family. His second

choice was "Ford Expedition", because the ad shows you various models of the "Ford

Expedition" that is available on the market. His third choice was "Suzuki", because it

shows the car in motion and has a lot of information about the car. The slogan that is

used by this ad is "the cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world", but he feels that

how does the cheetah play a role in the ad. His mood about the ad is negative. His

forth best choice is "Volvo", because he feels that the car does not give enough

information about the car, it only says that the car is very strong and it is capable of

everything. He feels that in order for the ad to be successful the name of the car should

be in the middle of the ad not on the edge, where it is hard to see. His fifth best choice

was "Toyota", because the ad
doesn''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t say so much about
the car. For instance, the

appearance of the car is so small and the name is way on the bottom which is very hard

for an ordinary consumer to see.

Alex is a 24-year-old male that lives in Brooklyn, New York. He works as a

barber and he is his own boss. He earns approximately $35,000 a year. He likes

nature, traveling, and theatres. He chose "Dodge Grand Caravan" as his first choice

because it is big and a wide car that can provide with the necessary needs that he and

his family need and want. He feels that this ad describes the necessary ideas that the

customer needs. His second choice was "Volvo", according to Alex "the ad attracts

his attention because the car is shown in a direct perspective. He thinks this ad was

simply done; for example, the background, the logo is simply placed in the corner of the

ad". His third choice is "Suzuki", because the caption between cheetah and this car are

having repetition in racing. This ad was thoughtfully putted together and the fact that they

did a comparison between a Suzuki and cheetah was very clever. His forth choice was

"Toyota". He believes that this ad does not provide the necessary information that

would capture his attention. His fifth choice was "Ford Expedition", because it gave him

more details about the features of the car. However, he feels that the way they

positioned words on the top of an ad confused him because he
didn''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t know where was

the beginning and where was the end.

Alexander is a 27 year old Physician Assistant that resides in Queens, New

York. His annual income is $55,000. In his spare time he likes to golf, play sucker,

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