1st confession Essay

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1st confession

The story “First Confession” is a story about a troubled boy who is tormented by his
sister and his grandmother and is forced to go to confession for his first time and he
just refuses to go. He plots to kill his grandmother and tries to kill his sister with a
butter knife and this is why he is scared to go to confession, because he is scared to be

The story is told in first person perspective through the narrator, which is the boy Jackie.
The characterization in the story is very descriptive in each of the characters this makes
the characters seem realistic.

The conflict in the story can be man vs. man and man vs. himself. Man vs. man conflict is
because of the arguments he has with his sister about going to confession and also the way
she sucks up to the grandmother. Man vs. himself is the fear he has for a bad confession
that he fights with himself and is scared to give his first confession. The setting of the
story is very vague in the beginning which was at his house at the end the setting took
place at the confession booth.

The dialogue of the story is when the priest is speaking with Jackie about his confessions
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