2nd hand smoke Essay

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2nd hand smoke

Olivia Rovegno

Thesis Statement:

Second hand smoke is a cause of cancer.


1. "When these new data for cervical cancer are considered in light of similar results
from previously published studies, our findings suggest that passive smoking may be
firmly linked with cervical cancer," wrote lead author Anthony J. Alberg. "Our study
of two large cohorts found that women who lived with smokers had a percent or greater risk
of developing cervical neoplasia."

excerpt from
Second hand smoke, cervical cancer linked.
UPI NewsTrack, Jan 5, 2005

2. The CDC said secondhand smoke exposure is on the decline across the United States
but that it remains a public health hazard. It contributes to approximately
3,000 lung cancer deaths and more than 35,000 coronary heart disease deaths
annually among people who have never smoked, the agency said.

excerpt from
Laws reduce second hand smoke
UPI NewsTrack, November 10, 2004

3. Jamrozik's calculations said about 700 people die from lung cancer, heart disease
or stroke because of passive smoking at work. Another 3,600 people die as a result of
second-hand smoke at home. "In the absence of a direct observational study, I feel
this research is the best evidence we have in this country to show the effects of passive
smoking in the workplace," Jamrozik's told the BBC.

excerpt from
Study: Second Hand Smoke Kills Thousands
UPI Newstrack, May 16, 2004
4. A comprehensive review of medical studies by researchers at the International
Agency for Research on Cancer showed second-hand smoke causes cancer, and that
chemicals and gases in tobacco contributed to cancer of the stomach, liver, kidney,
uterine cervix, and also to myeloid leukaemia.
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