2pac changes Essay

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2pac changes

Tupac changes

For those of you who don't know who tupac is he is a famous rap artist who has written and
sang many songs such as: Unborn child, until the end of time and lil homies

They have been great many rumours that he had been shot after watching Mike Tyson fight,
but then again that is just a rumour he was seen at Beverly Hills on the 2nd of April with
suge night. His full name if Tupac amaru shakur.

Now I am going to talk about the song Tupac changes.
Tupac amaru shukur expresses his feeling, thoughts and ideas by talking about what he's
recently seen in society which is more or less about discrimination, poverty and
prejudices. He also talks about how much he hates life that's why he uses a rhetorical
question at the start which makes the listener want to join in. In the songs he implies he
doesn't like being black because he thinks that black people get a lot of grief from
society or that because they black they stand out and that people keep perving on them.

The song is originally written by Bruce Hornsby a singer from the 1980's but of course the
lyrics are different, the modulations of the singers are also different, tupac sings in an
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