3 types of skiers Essay

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3 types of skiers

3 Types of Skiers

Iíve been skiing for about eight years and have come to a conclusion that there are three
types of skiers on the slopes. Many of the skiers that Iíve come across show their love and dedication to
becoming better skiers. On the slopes these skiers range from the slow, calm just there to relax skier, to the
bombing the hill, inconsiderate and reckless skier, to the show off skier, who doesnít ski that well but
continues to hit jumps and go down the most difficult slopes in order to show of for friends and other
The calm, slow skier is the type of person who will plan a skiing trip a month ahead for a
getaway from their hectic work schedule. This skier is planning on having a relaxing run down the
beautiful slopes without interruption or aggravation. Early before the trip, these skiers will be anal about
having everything just right; the skies sharpened and waxed, their ski boots adjusted properly, and putting
on just the right amount of clothing to keep warm, so their day will be without worry and they can have a
good time. These types of skiers will take the least populated slopes so they can take their time and not
worry about other skiers. Every couple of hours these skiers will take a hot chocolate break and sit down to
watch the other skiers glide down the big white slides. Finally, when the day comes to an end, they pack
up everything the way it was when the unpacked it and talk the entire way home what a good time they
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