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Russell/0 6-23-83-Cancer. 1st off I would like to thank my parents because if it wasnít
for them I wouldnít be here today and I would like to thank them both for always being
there for me and my mom for bringing me up and teaching me about life. I would also like
to thank Sister Monica for giving me a chance in this school and for being a great
principal and person at the same time. And I would also like to thank all of the teachers
in SGA who have done a good job over the years Iíve been here.

Now to my SGA peers: Matt- you are the best friend Iíve made here in St. George and you
have only been here for a year and a half. We have had many good times together and I know
we will have much more in the future. Metal forever! . Martin-even when we werenít that
cool with each other you were always friendly and Iím glad we got to become good friends
over the summer because you are a great person and one crazy character. Itís been great
playing b-ball in gym over the years. JJ- thanks for finding us our home at the river and
showing me the metal handshake. Itís been great chilling, and keep on jamming and raving.
Eric- thanks for making the first two years of school memorable because of all the crazy
stuff you did, I wonít mention anything but you know what Iím talking about, lol. You are
a good friend and stay cool. Yarko- Iíll never forget all the morningís we just chilled
and talked, killing time waiting for school to begin, Yankees and Seinfeld #1Weitzner- you
know the Knicks are #1. Chris- you are a crazy kid, stay cool and stay true to the Yankees
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