4 seasons Essay

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4 seasons

The Four Seasons,” takes place in the Ligurian coast between Ventimiglia and Bordighera,
Italy, where a young girl named Carmela was sent to help the Unwin family take care of
their children. The Unwin’s had a house, a printing establishment, furniture, a garden, a
car and were living right by the sea.

The Unwin's are a kind family, which consists of Mr. Unwin, Mrs. Unwin and their young
twin daughters, Tessa and Clare. Mr. Unwin was a workaholic; he owned a small printing
press and also worked as a real-estate agent. Mr. Unwin is also kind-hearted, because
when Carmela's younger brother came to the backdoor to beg for food, Mr. Unwin gave it to
him. Mrs. Unwin is trustful, she showed Carmela where she hid her sapphires, diamonds and
emeralds. Mrs. Unwin enjoyed Carmela's company, because she would cook with her and have
conversations with her. She always tried to teach Carmela new things.

Carmela was very clever; she kept the fact that she understood English a secret from the
Unwin's, so that they would never think that she understood them. She loved helping Mrs.
Unwin take care of the children. Carmela always wanted to help the Unwin's around the
house, even when she was not asked to.

Since the war had started, the Unwin's were unable to pay all of their expenses, Carmela
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