A childhood experience Essay

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a childhood experience

My aunt had remarried a man named Herbert Rawls our as I called him Uncle Butch. He was a
very nice man and he treated my aunt and her son with respect. I respected him with all my
heart and soul because I saw a man who worked two jobs to support my aunt and her son. He
did a lot for my little cousin and he treated him like he was his own child. My Uncle did
not just stop there but he also treated my siblings and I like we were his children, you
could tell that he loved us and cared a lot about what happen to us. I had never seen a
man step up to so much responsibility and do so well with it. I believe that is why I
loved and adored him so much.

My Uncle Butch use to take us out to places and have a good time with us. I remember him
cooking for my brother and sister and I when our parents had gone to Chicago and we stayed
with my aunt and uncle. He took my siblings and I out all the time. My uncle was very
protective of us; I could remember the time when he would let people know not to bother

On Saturday’s he would my cousin, his son, my siblings, and I to a baseball games
and after that he would bring us to the park. He would bring us to eat wherever we wanted
which was usually McDonalds. It really didn’t matter because it was my uncle and no
matter where he took us.
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