A Day at the Park Essay

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A Day at the Park

A couple of months ago I went to the park with my nephew. I remember the day like is was
yesterday. The weather was cool and clouds were overhead. I sat by myself and watched him
play and watched everything happen around me. I wasn’t expecting to find so many
interesting things just watching people, but amazed at what I did discover. Children were
all over the place and were wearing coats that had their favorite characters on them. A
girl had purple mittens with a teletubby on them and a boy had a blue coat with Thomas the
Train on it. One small boy with green eyes had a hat with a ball on the top. There were
only two mothers at the park and seven children not including a baby by the side of one of
the mothers. The baby was asleep and was bundled up in two blankets, one pink and one had
bunnies on it.

The children were all playing a game of tag and were out of breath from running around.
One of the boys involved in the game fell down and began to cry. His mother broke away
from conversations to tend to the need of her son. After a few minutes he was fine. While
that was going on, the other children discovered that when they went down the slide it
shocked them. They screamed with delight every time they went down the red plastic slide.
After a while they started another game of tag. The kids ran as fast as they could.
They would kick up wet sand all over their backs as they ran. Before I knew it, it was
time to leave as my nephew and I walked back to my car the thought of being a kid again
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