A Good Man Is Hard To Find 2 Essay

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find 2

'A Good Man is Hard to Find';

In the short story, 'A Good Man is Hard to Find';, the main character is the grandmother.
Flannery O'Connor, the author, lets the reader find out who the grandmother is by her
conversations and reactions to the other characters in the story. The grandmother is the
most important character in the story because she has a main role in the stories principal
action. This little old lady is the protagonist in this piece. We learn more about her
from her direct conversation with the son, Bailey, her grandchildren, June Star and John
Wesley, and the Misfit killer. Through these conversations, we know that she is a lady
raised from a traditional background. In the story, her attitude changes more than once to
accommodate the surroundings that she is in. With the data provided, we can tell that the
grandmother goes from not wanting to go to Florida, to anxious to go, and in the end, I
felt as if she went off the deep end. All of the sudden, the only thing she really
concentrates on is Jesus and her not being killed.

The action in the entire story surrounds and normally begins with something the
grandmother has said or done. At the very beginning of the story, she starts off by
stating that she does not want to go to Florida. She would rather go to east Tennessee and
tried anything she could to change Bailey's mind (Page 426). Later in the story, as they
began the trip to Florida, the grandmother talked the entire time. She would tell stories
of her youth to the grandchildren and lecture them about being more respectful to their
native state, and to their parents. Although the grandmother is the protagonist, it is her
fault that the trip ended in the devastating way that it did. She, unknowingly, led her
entire family to their fate. She is even more responsible for the deaths because of what
she brought on the trip with her. If there had been no cat, there would have not been an
accident. If the accident would not have happened, the family had an extremely good chance
to survive their vacation.

There are many things that happen in the story that gives more information about the
grandmother. The reader can tell that the woman is paranoid by her conversations at the
start of this story. She reads about the Misfit killer and assumes it would be dangerous
to travel to Florida with a man like that on the loose. She is also a lonely person
because she sneaks her cat, Pitty Sing, along for the ride. The author states that the
woman did not want to leave the cat because it would miss her too much or would rub
against a burner and asphyxiate itself (Page 427). I believe that the cat was the only
thing that showed her love and attention. Her only son, had a family of his own, her
grandchildren were older now, and she felt like she was not important to them anymore, and
the children's mother was involved with the baby. By bringing the cat, she felt like she
would not be lonely. The reader can also tell that the woman is extremely prejudice. She
refers to the black child as a 'cute little pickaninny'; and a nigger.

You can also tell a lot about the old woman by what she is wearing. In the car, she wears
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