A Kiss that Embodies Love Essay

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A Kiss that Embodies Love

"A Kiss That Embodies Love"

Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" has been close to my heart for the past seven years. To me this
artwork represents an embodiment of true love because the image represents what I consider
to be traditional romantic love. The male figure appears protective of the woman, yet he
also seems nurturing. The female figure has the soft femininity of a traditional woman,
yet she appears to be an equal contributor to the relationship as well as to the painting;
neither the man nor the woman predominates. "The Kiss" conveys this to me through the
color and shape detail, the embrace of the lovers, and it's romantic theme.

The colors used in the image are not the traditional colors of love. Reds, purples, and
pinks are replaced with an abundance of golds, browns, and greens. Many reproductions of
"The Kiss" are colored with a glimmery shine that captures and demands the attention of
the viewer. The rich fall colors represent a harmony between the extremes of summer and
winter, as the painting is a balance between the extremes of lust and hatred: true love.

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