A Play Essay

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A Play

SCENE: In Mr. Phillips' office. There is a big desk at which Mr. Phillips is seated. The
kids are standing near the desk, waiting to talk to Mr. Phillips.

Mr. Phillips: (Sounding annoyed) What is it now?

Tim: Well..... (Kids stand awkwardly)

Mr. Phillips: What?!!

Jennifer: We are..... (Ben interrupts)

Ben: Drum roll please.....

Trish: Shut up, Ben!

Tim: .....GUILTY, in first defense. (Jennifer giggles)

Trish: We destroyed the classroom.

Ben: We did? (Looks confused. Tim glares at him.)

Trish: Yes, remember? (Winks at Ben.)

Mr. Phillips: Well, that's funny.....

Trish: Why?

Ben: (With an "adult" tone of voice) I'm glad you think of our act of violence as humorous.

Jennifer: Shut your cakehole, Ben!

Mr. Phillips: Well because, Babs Story just came in a few minutes ago and confessed the same crime as you kids.

Others: She did? (They all look at each other with confusion)

Mr. Phillips: Yes.

Tim: Well that's weird.....
Ben: Yeah!

Mr. Phillips: I thought you were going to take the blame for her.

Jennifer: I guess so.

Mr. Phillips: It sounds like you guys must be good friends of Babs.

Ben: NO WAY!!! (Stops himself too late) I mean, not really sir.

Trish: You could say that.

Tim: We didn't think you would believe us if we said we were innocent.

Mr. Phillips: Now that's a very noble thing to do.

Jennifer: Now that I think of it, that was a dumb thing to do!

Trish: I agree. (A look of repulsion crosses Mr. Phillips' face.)

Mr. Phillips: Why do you think that, out of curiosity?

Ben: Because of all of the bad things Babs did to us!

Tim: She NEVER liked us from the start!
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