A Rose For Emily

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A Rose For Emily

In the short stories A Rose For Emily and The Jilting Of Granny Weatherall their are many
similarities along with differences.

Miss Emily Grierson and Granny Weatherall each have are lonely,independent women,who were
forced to make it on their own at a very young age. They each were jilted by men whom they
thought loved them. As a result from being jilted they each had to play a man's role in
their primitive society and face being mocked by everyone.

Some differences between the two characters would be the way they lived their lives. Miss
Emily became very depressed after being jilted and hardly ever left her home, where Granny
Weatherall on the other hand re-married and had children. Also Miss Emily in a since
wasn't left by a man. He came back to her soon after he left, but instead of waiting she
killed him. Who's to say if she hadn't poisoned him he would have really left. He may have
decided to stay. Granny Weatherall had no choice. Her fiance just left and never came back
for no reason at all.

Emily's began when her father wouldn't allow her to date and soon after passed away,
leaving her alone and lonely. Granny's began when she fell in love and was left at ther
alter, facing the humilation of her friends and family. Her fiance never told her why he
was leaving and she spent her whole life wondering why and she never stopped loving him.
She even imagined she had had his children.
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