A sexy night Essay

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A sexy night

"Tuesday night again. Time for another band practice", I thought to myself as I ate
supper. You see, I'm a member of a community band that I joined a few years ago after
leaving high school. I figured it would be a good way to keep up with the music that had
been such a big part of my life at school. I also thought it might help me find a
girlfriend, though I'd never had any luck meeting girls in any of the other groups I'd
been in before. But you never know; your luck has to change sometime.

There were quite a few attractive females in the band, but there was always a problem.
Usually, they were either married or were 16-year-old high school students. Not exactly
what I had in mind. Some of them were fun to flirt with, but that's as far as it could
go. There was one notable exception, though. Her name was Heidi. She was 21, which is
about the age I was at the time. Tall and attractive, she had

one of the loveliest pairs of breasts I've ever seen. I'd thought about those big, firm
breasts so many times, wanting to hold them, suck on them ... but for some reason, I'd
always had the impression that she was in the band just to play music. She rarely joined
in the social activities, including the group of us who went out to a bar afterwards. In
fact, the only thing I could recall her having done with us was the

pool party one summer. I must say, though, that if she was only going to be at one,
that's the one since it featured her in a bathing suit ...

That night, she was wearing a rather short skirt, exposing her long legs, and a fairly
tight sweater. The combination had quite an effect on me, especially when she stretched
her arms out above her head, arched her back and yawned ... my eyes nearly popped out of
my head! If only I could get her interested in me, I thought to myself. But she'll
probably go home right after the rehearsal as usual, with a polite good-bye to everyone.

So I was rather surprised when she asked me if we were
going out after band. I replied "Of course! You coming tonight?"

She said, "Sure! It sounds more interesting than going home and watching TV." I made
sure that we walked a little behind the rest of the group on the way to the bar. We
didn't really talk about much, but at least she was walking with me and talking to me, and
I had a feeling I might finally be getting somewhere with her.

Usually the group's conversations work in small,
constantly shifting groups as each person joins in the
neighbouring conversation they find the most interesting. I imagine that night was
probably no different, but I didn't notice. I was too busy talking with Heidi. Looking
at her eyes. Buying her drinks. Sneaking a peek at the shapes in her sweater whenever I
got a chance. But the most interesting thing was that she was giving me lots of hints
that she liked me, and she'd never done that before.

One of the things she mentioned was that her car had
broken down that morning, and that she had to take the bus to band. Being the true
gentleman I am (or, more likely, sensing an opportunity to get lucky after so many years
of going home alone every night), I naturally offered her a ride home at the end of the
evening. She accepted with a very friendly smile,

and we chatted some more as we drove to her place. It just so happened that her parents
(she was living at home until she could afford to move out) were on holiday, and she
invited me in for a while.

I was having trouble believing how well this was going, but that was nothing compared to
what was to come. I'd always thought of her as a fairly shy girl, so I was totally
unprepared for what happened next. As soon as we sat down on the sofa in the living room,
she leaned over and kissed me. Not a little peck, but a full-blown french kiss. It must
have lasted for ages as she pushed me down onto my back, pressing her firm breasts against
my chest.

When she broke the kiss, she looked into my eyes and said "I've liked you for so long, but
I never had the nerve to do anything about it. I want you." Before I could say anything
else, she kissed me again. This time, though, she slid one of her hands down into my
jeans to find my penis, which by this time was fully erect and longing for some action.
Encouraged by this finding, she undid my jeans and pushed them and my underwear as far
down my legs as she could until finally she had to break the kiss.

She wasted no time in moving down to my cock and licking its head. She took me in her
mouth, but not very deeply. I grabbed her head and gently pushed down, but she resisted.
She came up off my *censored* and said "Uh ... this is my first time; I hope I'm not too
bad at it", then surrounded my cock with her lips once again. She took me a little deeper

time, with a little more suction, a little more tongue action.
I didn't tell her, but it was my first time, too, and I'd
never felt anything like this before. I lay my head back
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