A Woman's Role In Society Is Primarily That Of A

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"A woman's role in society is primarily that of a wife and mother" do you agree?

“A woman’s role is primarily that of a wife and a mother” do you agree?

The big debate about a woman’s role, and place in the society has been going on for a long time, and is still continuing. Women have been fighting to be able to stand on the same podium as men for over decades of years. However, I do agree with the given statement that the primary role of women in the society is to be a wife and a mother.
This trend has been set since the early days of human civilization. The men would go out and hunt for food, while the women stay at home to take care of the children, do the housekeeping, and look after the husband when he comes back tired and worn out. This tradition of the women staying at home and the men going out to make a living is being passed down many generations and still remains true in many societies.
The many biological differences between the men and women sure make this situation desirable. It has been scientifically proven that men are the ones who a better built body to take on the more strenuous jobs, and they are the ones who can withstand stress and pressure better than their female counterparts. Given these characteristics, it sure makes sense that the male would be preferred to step out into the society and brave all those difficulties to bring income home. The females, have been regarded as the gentler and more caring half of the human species, are then left with the job of raising the next generation and looking after the men when there is

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