Abortion Or Theath Who Knows

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Abortion Or Theath Who Knows

Man''s inhumanity to man is everywhere. I firmly believe that people on this earth should
be treated and respected equally. People are all unique. They come from different
backgrounds, have different beliefs and ideas, but treating others in such an inhuman way,
as the Jewish were in the concentration camps is cruel and should have never happened.

I believe that the killing of several million people during the Holocaust could have been
prevented by the means of more involvement from the other countries. When German gained
great power, many of the countries did not pay attention. Germany started World War II and
countries like England and France, knowing quite well the rise in Germany''s power could
cause mass destruction wouldn''t do anything about it until it was too late. Countries
should have bonded together and stop the horrible torture and killings. Why didn''t the
more powerful countries stop Germany sooner? Some countries just didn''t want to get
involved until later. Experiencing a slow economy and lack of funds, they didn''t want to
get into a costly war, but this lack of quick involvement resulted in tragedy.

Preventing this genocide and anti-Semitism, I think would take a lot of work and effort
for many of the countries but it would spare so many lives. The other countries should
have recognized the threat Germany posed when Germany broke the Treaty of Versailles
agreement. Quick action could have saved more than six million lives by stopping Hitler
and the Nazi party. After the Holocaust, the people who survived the concentration camps
should have received their properties back. Germany should have given the survivors some
money so they wouldn''t have to start from ground zero.

Why did the people living in Germany allow this to happen? Hitler blamed the Jewish people
for the cause of Germany''s problems and the people believed him, electing a government
who was trying to destroy an entire race. Germans who were against anti-Semitism should
have gathered a political party to fight for the Jews. Some of their friends and neighbors
were taken from their homes and forced into a concentration camp. If they had at least
tried, they might not live their lives with regret thinking what if they had done
something different, and then maybe; just maybe the Jews might not have died.

It was not just Hitler and the Nazi''s that treated man inhumanely. It is happening all
around the world with cults such as the Ku Klux Klan who killed because of the dislike of
another race. The Tiananmen Square Massacre, which ended with hundreds of student''s lives
lost because of protest on their beliefs for change. When is it going to stop? It starts
off on a small scale where kids calling other kids names and sometimes hit them because
they are different, but it ends in millions of people killed with bullets, starved or
burned to death. The world doesn''t all have to get a long, but there should be respect
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