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Abortion has always been (and I reckon it will continue to be for quite some time) a very
controversial issue not only due to the difficult comparison of rights (does the mother's
rights outweigh the child's or vice-versa?) but also because of the many different
instances in which the issue of abortion might come up. For instance, one couple who
simply wants to plan their family, and be ready for it, is obviously different and less
shocking a case as a raped fifteen-year old. Regarding abortion, pro-life and pro-choice
are the two sides trying to impose their own points of view, but while one is extremely
strict and makes a completely solid statement without taking each case in particular
(pro-life), the other (pro-choice) acknowledges the implications of abortion and while not
encouraging it in any way, it implies a certain flexibility depending on each case.

I, personally, am a pro-choice person, but not taking it to the extreme. I believe a
woman should have the right to choose when to have a baby but I agree with creating
limitations to this right. The reasons are simple and numerous, health being the most
important one, for if abortion would be deemed illegal and immoral, not only would women
turn to unsanitary secretive abortions (or even desperate self-induced ones) but the
psychological pain and scars would also be considerably more unbearable (I say “more”
because they are already quite unbearable and extremely stressful). Another reason is a
biological one – it is the woman who carries the baby for nine months, and until the baby
is out in the open, being a separate person, until the moment of birth, the baby is simply
a part of the woman’s body. I choose to view childbirth as the moment when the child
becomes the human, because it is the most valid turning point in its life -when it starts
to live on its own.

I consider the pro-choice point of view as being the most rational. However, I also agree
that the time period of six months after conception is more than enough for the making of
a decision. I support fully the six-month time condition, again mainly because of the
health issues involved (abortion after six months is a risk to the mother). I also
acknowledge the gruesome methods abortion implies, but I don’t consider them a reason
strong enough to ban abortion. I would wish there could be some sort of application
process involved with abortion, but given the fact each and every case is different and
also that such laws would have to be extremely detailed and confusing in order to relate
to all cases on an individual plane. So I support abortion for all women as long as it is
done within the first six months. And I state this because I don’t believe the child is a
person by the end of the six months, nor a human life. Until that point, it is a life,
but it is a combination of cells inside a body as well. Its size of only several inches
adds to my inability of considering it human strictly because it lacks all the functions a
human life form has, from consciousness to breathing and from feelings to personality.

My point of view has a personal history behind it and even though I am not in the position
of claiming a strict perspective of the subject, I realize I may be subjective. My mother
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