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Abortion is murder. It is the process in which an undeveloped human being is killed, and
unable to live the life it could have lived. Why is it okay for women to kill a human
being through abortion and not be punished, when someone else is intentionally killing
someone and being sent to life in prison? A fetus is helpless, it cannot scream or run
away when an abortion is happening. The person who is supposed to be the protector is the
person who made the choice to murder it. Abortion is not the answer. So why do women chose
to have them? Abortions happen because women are scared of the responsibilities of caring
for a child; they are both financially and mentally unstable. But most importantly
abortions happen because women don't want the baby. Whose fault is it? The women are the
mistake. They made the choice to have unprotected sex. Now after they had their fun, they
run. They run away from reality. Women run to abortions as means of relief but little do
they know their reality is waiting to happen.

According to B.A. Robinson many women who have abortions are under the age of twenty-five,
are unmarried or separated from their spouse, and poor. In a study by Torres and Forrest a
vast majority of women have abortions because they are financially unstable, they feel
that they are incapable of raising a child; they feel that their life would drastically
change, and they are too young and immature to raise a child. Why is it that after the
child is conceived that women start to realize their own faults? If women were to realize
their flaws ahead of time, abortion rates would be much lower, and aborted fetuses might
have been given a chance to develop and to live a life. Abortion may seem like the answer
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