Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born Sunday, February 12, 1809, in a log cabin near Hodgenville,
Kentucky. His parents names were Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. They named him after his
grandfather. Abraham's grandfather had been killed by Indians long before Abraham had been
born. Both of his parents were born in Virginia. Abraham had an older sister and a younger
brother. His younger brother was named Thomas but he died in infancy. Abraham's sisters
name was Sarah. Abraham's father was a hard worker, he was a carpenter and a farmer.

Abraham's parents were members of a Baptist congregation which had separated from another
church due to opposition to slavery. Abraham was seven when his parents decided to move to
Indiana. One of the reasons they wanted to move there was because of slavery. Abraham had
attended school for a little while in Kentucky and did so again in Indiana. In 1818,
Abraham's mother died from milk sickness. It was a sickness that you got from drinking the
milk from cows which had eaten poisonous white snakeroot. He took her death hard. His
father remarried in a year. Abraham liked his new step mother. She brought along three of
her own children to the household. Her name was Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln.

As Abraham grew up he realized that he preferred learning things than to be working in the
fields. This caused a problem between Abraham and his father because his father was the
complete opposite. Abraham would borrow books from his neighbors. In 1818, Abraham was
kicked and almost killed by a horse. Sarah Abraham's sister died while in labor. She was
buried with her baby that was born dead. In 1830 the Lincoln family moved west to
Illinois. The next year Abraham moved to New Salem by himself. He lived there until 1837.

While he was in New Salem he worked several jobs including operating a store, surveying,
and serving as postmaster. Everyone liked his character, especially when he wrestled the
town bully. He then earned the nickname "Honest Abe". He was a big man that stood nearly
six feet four inches and weighed around 180 pounds. Lincoln then joined the Illinois
militia for the Black Hawk war. Nothing special happened to Lincoln. He was picked to be
captain of the volunteers but he didn't get to go into battle during the three months he
was there.

Then Abraham ran for the Illinois legislature in 1832 but lost. He was disappointed but it
wasn't going to keep him down because he ran four more times and won them all. Lincoln was
a member of the Whig Party. He was part of the Whig Party until 1856 when he became a
Republican. In his spare time he studied law and became a lawyer in 1836. There were
stories that Lincoln's first love was named Ann Rutledge but it was never proved. But she
sadly past away in 1835. On September 9th Lincoln was licensed to practice law.

In 1839 Lincoln met Mary Ann Todd who moved into Springfield from Lexington, Kentucky.
Three years after she moved they got married. Over the next eleven years they had four
children. There names were Robert, Edward, William, and Thomas. Lincoln became a
successful attorney and Thomas. Lincoln became a successful attorney and in 1844 the
Lincoln family bought a home at the corner of Eighth and Jackson. In 1846 Lincoln ran for
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