Absolute monarchism Essay

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absolute monarchism

The prevailing government of Europe from 1900-century back was absolute monarchism, this
form of government worked very well considering the belief of all people in god and the
teaching. Monarchist use this belief to justify this rule in. if they could make the
people believe that they were ordained position by god then they had no worries because
the people belief in god was so prevailing that it was not mentionable in private to go
against it. Napoleon and Louis XIV were the ideal rules to use this type of ruling.
Napoleon and Louis XIV were the same type of rulers by using the divine right monarchy to
control the people of their country, which was France. Napoleon and Louis way of ruling
and other similarity were so alike that they could have traded their period when they sat
at the throne and the people would have not noticed

"I am the state" Louis famous statement which stated that he was the divine right ruler(R
6). . "Louis XIV justified his absolutism through the belief that God will it such as a
divine right monarch ruled with the authority of god and was beholden to no power except
that of god"(R 11). The people of France believe in the faith of god church and their
religion that no one dared to defy the divine ruler. Louis was determined to control a
nation that was unified politically under his rule and religiously under his faith;
Catholicism was to be the only accepted religion for the French people. Louis believe that
god had sufficiently appointed him to be king and only god could say if he was right or
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