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Racism and segregation among different races took place since the beginning of time,
"Accordion Crimes" by E. Annie Proulx explores a similar situation of new immigrants
coming to America seeking for a better life also known as the American dream but soon
realize what its all about. The story spreads over about 100 years. The life that
immigrants were living was very difficult. Racism and discrimination was part of every day
life, it can be pretty similar to what Muslims have to go through since the catastrophe of
September 11, 2001 that changed the world for ever. When new coming Italians arrived to
United-States, they were all seen as part of some mafia, generalization was punishing
those that had nothing to do with it like the Muslims today. What can be done to stop
hatred between races? The easy answer is education, but that's not the only solution.

In order to recreate the world of new immigrants coming to America Proulx didn't use
traditional narrative style but instead tried to use fragmentation style by not giving
full complete stories which didn't link to one another except of the accordion which was
passed from family to family. By the traveling of the accordion we can see what went on in
different houses (families) since he was part of them for a moment. We have a feeling of
violence in each story; in almost every story the ending finishes in a violent way; when
Felix gets killed by a Japanese bomb, broken necks, car accidents and heart attacks. What
those examples shows is that usually in poor environments the violence is more present
then in rich and high educated neighborhoods.

This is a proven fact, so when the television shows the camps of Bin Laden, let's not be
fooled the reason is that those people a raised like that from a very young age to hate
America or United states. That's when education plays a central role. By not being well
educated, their information is controlled by a group of people which decide what to teach
them, which results of raising a population to certain beliefs that a small group think to
be just. By ending the stories in such ways is probably what Proulx wants; to change the
state of mind of the reader to a similar uncomfortable helpless feeling that immigrants
felt everyday back in the 1900's. This feeling shows that those groups of young Muslims
follow the terrorist's network because they feel vulnerable, and by not having a strong
government, being part of a network good or bad gives them some sort of security.

The use of music is important in "Accordion Crimes" since it introduces the problems in
society; prejudice is explained by the description of different music. The "accordion
maker" calls the early blues that he hears in New Orleans bars as "kitchen music"
(Proulx). "He disliked the music that black men played, confused music, the melody, if
there was one, deliberately hidden in braided skeins of rhythm."(Proulx). The description
of racism in the stories is seen like it was part of an immigrant experience; meaning that
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