Adam Sandler Sweety Essay

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Adam Sandler Sweety

Adam Sandler is in control -- really
The clout of a child-man
Monday, April 14, 2003 Posted: 1:07 PM EDT (1707 GMT)

Adam Sandler accepts a Kids' Choice Award for best movie actor. Many adult movie critics would disagree.


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• Review: Jack's back in 'Anger Management'
• 'Anger' tops box office with $44.5M

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Adam Sandler, who's become one of Hollywood's top
box-office draws by playing infantile men prone to fisticuffs and tantrums, displays in
real life a shambling politeness and faux-naive modesty.

With a shy smile, he often looks down as he speaks, while deflecting questions with self-deprecating jokes.

The 36-year-old comic's almost childlike behavior conceals his status as a Hollywood
workaholic who's unwaveringly loyal to his friends.

"I was in his office 12 hours a day, and he was either working with me, or working on
editing something else, or working on one of his other projects," said David Dorfman,
screenwriter of "Anger Management," which co-stars Sandler and Jack Nicholson. "He worked

Sandler has used his clout not only to gain greater control over his own films, but also
to boost the careers of former "Saturday Night Live" friends such as Rob Schneider, David
Spade and Dana Carvey by guiding their pet projects through the studio system.

Dorfman described Sandler as "a benevolent mogul," and Carvey said his 2002 film, "The
Master of Disguise," would have gone nowhere without Sandler's help.

"I mean, I owe him. I don't really know why he did it, you'd have to ask him. But it was
great to have him push it through. I guess I was nice to him on 'Saturday Night Live,' "
Carvey said, adding with a laugh: "Thank God."

Critical roasting
But some Sandler favors backfire. He gave directing duties of "The Master of Disguise" to
his longtime production designer Perry Andelin Blake, although Blake had no previous
experience. Critics complained that the film was a mess, and Sony was still reworking the
movie shortly before its release last summer.

Carvey had already starred on the late-night comedy show for five years when Sandler began
appearing in 1991, the same year as Spade, whose 2001 film, "Joe Dirt," and upcoming
"Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star" were produced by Sandler.

Sandler co-stars with Jack Nicholson in "Anger Management."
During his five-year run on the show, Sandler was known for impish characters such as
Canteen Boy and musical bits such as Operaman. "SNL" was also the launching pad for his
enduring holiday hit "The Chanukah Song," a comical compendium of Jewish celebrities.

Before that, Sandler had worked mainly as a standup comedian, getting laughs with his
jittery delivery. That's where friends say he developed his regular-guy charm.

"He's genuinely nervous on stage, and that's become part of his persona," Schneider said.
"He's genuinely nervous up there, and then it's a surprise that he's funny and you become

Sandler had small roles in 1993's "Coneheads" and the 1994 comedies "Mixed Nuts" and
"Airheads" before getting his first starring role in 1995's "Billy Madison," about a lazy
20-something who goes back to elementary school so he can inherit his rich father's

The low-budget film grossed $25 million, and Sandler followed it the next year with "Happy
Gilmore," about a golf prodigy with a violent temper. That film, which featured a
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