Addictive Substances and Their Forms Essay

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Addictive Substances and Their Forms

Illegal Substances and Their Forms

The different types of drug forms include: Narcotics, Alcohol, Barbiturates,
Cocaine, Crack, Amphetamines, Hullucinogens, Marijuana, and Pain Relievers.
Some of these drugs are legal, but if they are used the wrong way or abused then
they are illegal substances. The biggest drug problems in our area seems to be with
marijuana. This drug is easy to be found and used all over the world still even
though it is illegal in America. The different types of forms these drugs can be
found in and used in varies. Narcotics can be found in the form a pill and can be
taken in that way or even snorted. Alcohol is only found in one form and that is of
liquid. Barbiturates are depressants that are found widely in the form or a pill as
well. Cocaine is a powder that is snorted to receive a very intense high. Crack is the
smokeable form of cocaine and this drug is abused and the effects can be very crazy
and could be very damaging to your body. Amphetamines are pills known as
uppers and can be referred to as speed. Hullucinogens can be found in a pill form,
herbal form, or a chemically bonded drop full of drugs mixed together to give a
person a high. Marijuana is a natural resource that should be taken advantage of as
a pain reliever by the government and should be made legal according to the
positive effects of it. It can make people lose their concentration though and this
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