Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in a small town called Braunau, Austria by a loving mother
named Klara Poelzl Hitler, and an abusive and alcoholic father named Alois Hitler. After
becoming chancellor of Germany in 1933, he would lead one of the most barbaric and
inhumane regimes in history. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how isolationism and
solidarity played a role in the life of this evil leader, both on a personal and political

Although Adolf's mother was loving, she lived in constant fear of Alois because he often
beat her and the children. Adolf's step brother, Alois jr., was abused so much that he ran
away at the age of fourteen. Alois jr. was replaced by Adolf to be used as a human
punching bag. His mother could only stand by and watch and then try to comfort her only
son. Adolf had a younger sister named Paula who was born in 1896, she never really was
beaten and never had to live with her father for very long because her father died when
she was six years old, and Adolf was thirteen years old. Although Adolf cried when he saw
his father's body, he never spoke highly of him after his death.

Even through the abuse he suffered, He was still an excellent student through primary
school. He was a very hard worker and got good grades through Benedictive Monastery
School. After primary school Adolf decided that he wanted to become an artist. However he
was forced by his father to go to a technical school rather than an art school. At the
technical school he did poorly and was a difficult student according to his teachers. They
described him as being violent, argumentive, and bad tempered.

Adolf had one teacher that inspired him, their name was Dr. Poetsch. Dr. Poetsch was an
anti-Semitic and a fanatical Pan-German nationalist. It was Dr. Poetsch, said Adolf, who
inspired him to become a revolutionary.

Adolf isolated himself society; he had only one childhood friend, Gustl. Adolf also
isolated himself from his family when his mother died in 1907, and then he moved to Vienna
because his family was putting pressure on him to get a job, In Vienna he lived by selling
his paintings and drawings. While his time in Vienna he had no relations with anyone
accept for his business meetings. His temper is first shown in public when he is trying to
sell his art work and it is rejected. He then left Vienna to go to Germany because, he

"Austria is infested with Jews, Hungarians, and other Slavic groups. Which does not suit my taste."
In 1914, he joined the army. By accounts he was a very good soldier and received numerous
awards for his outstanding bravery. The army was the first home he had known since his
mother had died. He had felt solidarity in this new home; but he continued to isolate
himself from his comrades. Although he had the respect of his fellow soldiers, they

"He lived in his own world."
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