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1.To try to explain how and why aesthetics is understood, as a philosophical endeavor should first start with what I think and feel through my learning experiences what is art. Art for me is what is pure about the art form and what makes it beautiful. Beauty in art is what enhances individual senses to makes us feel all our senses are united as one. When these traits come together you are in presence of a work of art in my mind and the definition of aesthetics in art.
I feel that the reason aesthetics is understood as a philosophical endeavor is because we as a society need to put a label on or problems to help develop a strategy that will help conquer these problems. So to start a branch in philosophy directed towards the arts, or anything that is meant to capture beauty or criticism should be arranged in a system of criticism. Criticism, which in particular judgments are singled out and their logic and justification displayed, is why it is and will continue to be an endeavor. I feel an artist role in society
is to portray a objective and subjective view about his work before and after his work is completed to give a fair
assessment to the public of how he sees the world.
2. If you look up the definition of aesthetics it will probably say to some extent, the particular idea of what is beautiful or artistic. The problem with this is the word beautiful can mean different things to two different people. So an individual determines the value of the word. This is why there is so much variation in our assessments of the value of works of art. Subjective and objective theories of aesthetic are a way of separating different approaches. An objective theory claims that aesthetic value is in the property of the artwork itself. The fact that we do reach agreement on the value of so many works suggests that somehow there is an objective basis for our judgments. The subjective theory claims that aesthetic value is simply a mat

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