Book Report on Africa

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World History
African Question #2
11 September 2000
Africa's Resistance to the Portuguese

The African history has been affected tremendously due to the influence of some European
countries. Portugal, who probably had the greatest impact on the continent, was not shy in
invading what they thought to be profitable circumstances. One of these areas that they
profited from was the kingdom of Kongo. Kongo was a major Bantu-speaking kingdom astride
the Congo River in west-central Africa, probably founded in the 14th century. It was
governed by a king, the manikongo, whose economic power was based upon trade in ivory,
hides, slaves, and a shell currency of western Africa.

Within a few years after the Portuguese first encountered the kingdom in 1484, the sixth
manikongo, Nzinga Mbemba, later Alfonso 1, converted to Christianity and extended
diplomatic and economic relations with Portugal. The agreement soon collapsed, however, as
the Portuguese extended their slave-raiding activities. By 1570 the power of the Kongo
kingdom had begun to decline, and severe internal tensions had developed. Alfonso I
knowing what was going on wrote a series of papers to King Joao III of Portugal. In these
papers, Alfonso I pleaded with the king to take away all the corrupt Portuguese from his
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