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Pulling on your hair with a brush, blow drying it, and using a flatiron to straighten
curls can cause split ends, excess dryness, frizziness and breakage. To help your hair you
should deep condition at least twice a month to moisturize and banish frizz. Short hair is
healthier because you're constantly cutting off the split ends. Cropped cuts also keep you
hair from knotting and tangling. Turning tresses brown is definitely easier on your hair
than becoming a blond. Hair needs time between treatments to recover and regain its
natural oils. When you chemically straighten you hair wait at least six weeks before
hitting the color bottle. The day before your dye job do a protein rich conditioning
treatment to heal the hair cuticle. When you perm your hair hold off on the permeant color
for six weeks. But you only need to wait two days before using a semi permeant color since
they have lower ammonia levels and have no bleach. When you hate your new dye job, before
you head back to the salon. Try using a semi permanent rinse, which you can do
immediately. If your still unhappy wait for the semi permanent color to fade before going
for a new dye job. Keep in mind that you might just need a few days to get used to your
new hue. Why is it that 90% of hair products seem to be created to make your hair do the
opposite of what it does naturally? We think everyone's hair can be beautiful without all
the fuss, including the pin straight variety. Its sophisticated, sleek and down right
sexy. So whether you have bangs, a blunt cut, soft layers, or all one length style, unplug
your hot rollers and embrace your kink free destiny. Straight hair really shows of the
cut, so find a stylist you trust and get trims often. If you need help keeping your
amazing cut smooth, rub in teeny bit of light stylist cream. And because this type of hair
usually tends to shine on its own, you can skip the glossy sprays. Chances are, you
already look like you belong in a shampoo commercial. You may not believe it, but fine
hair has many enviable qualities. For one thing, its the softest and silkiest in the
world. For another, it dries in a flash. WE have one warning though, each strand is
fragile, so you've got to be careful. Also remember that for every product you put in, you
sacrifice volume and bounce, so keep the gunk to a minimum. If you've got super tight
curls, there are plenty of reasons to love your hair. You've got volume to die for. Why
bother with chemical straighteners when you have amazing coils to work with? Coarse hair
tends to be dry, though, so the key here is moisture. Go as many days as you can stomach
between washings, and make sure you're using hydrating shampoo and conditioner. After you
gently towel dry, work in an oil, then use a silicone based gel. Next, while it's still
wet, twist your hair around your fingers into defined locks. If you're game for an afro,
comb your hair out with a wide tooth pick once it's finished air dying. Otherwise,
separate your curls by hand or simp,y leave them be. Even if your waves aren't uniform all
over, we say give then a chance before you haul out the flat iron. Its okay for there to
be some irregularities. That\'s what makes you an individual. Well hydrated hair tends to
lie smoother, so work in a bit of leave in treatment, to help with flyaways. Then, because
wavy hair doesn't have the natural staying power of very tight curls, you need a strong
holding gel. If that's not enough to make it stick, keeping a little spray bottle filled
with water in your purse for lunchtime spruce up. That way you can run to the bathroom,
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