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Age Of Reason

The Eighteenth Century in America was period of time labeled by the works of enlightened
writers, thinkers, and scientists. Focus on reason over faith by many during the Age of
Reason was spurred by the work of Sir Issac Newton and Galileo, scientists of the
seventeenth century.

In America, politics dominated the writings because of the Revolution: "By the time of the
War of Independence, nearly fifty newspapers had been established in coastal cities"(95).
Due to the enormous amount of political writing, many influential names, such as James
Otis, the French writer Voltaire, and the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau emerged
and their explosive works reflected the rationalism of the period. James Otis defended
colonist rights during the time of taxation proclaiming: "Taxation without representation
is tyranny"(96), causing many Americans to rally to his cause. As a result, many thinkers,
like Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry, of the Age of Reason issued pleas for independence,
raised various ideas, and contributed greatly which led to the birth of the United States.

Known as the greatest propagandist of the American Revolution, Thomas Paine was a powerful
spellbinder who also stood for independence and like Otis, Paine sought to arouse men's
emotions and in January of 1776, he published his pamphlet Common Sense which immediately
sold 100,000 copies. Due to its electrifying message, George Washington praised its "Sound
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