Alber Einstein

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Alber Einstein

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was a famous scientist, writer and professor. He was born in Ulm, Germany,
on March 24,1879. As a child, Einstein wasn't like the other boys: he hated school but loved math.
He was shy, and talked very slowly. He didn't participate in sports but instead played with
mechanical toys, put together jigsaw puzzles, built towers and studied nature. At school and home he
would ask many questions and because of that everybody thought he was dumb. Once when he was
sick in bed, his father Herman, bought him a compass; and Albert asked "Why does the needle point
to the north?" His father didn't know the answer. Herman was calm, friendly and had a black
mustache. Einstein also had a brother, Jakob. Studied electrical machinery firm financed by the
Kocks. Pauline, Einstein's mother was a cultured women and an excellent pianist. Pauline
encouraged Einstein to study the violin along with his scientific ambitions. There was a strong
physical resemblance between Einstein and his younger sister Maja, and the two had a close
relationship throughout their lives. Maja, also a pianist, married Paul Winteler Einstein childhood
friend, Paul Winteler, in 1910 and later moved to the United States.
When Einstein was older, he invented electric eye. He also was asked to be the president of
Israel, but he refused. When Einstein was a teen-ager he was very interested in science. When he
wanted to relax he would play the violin which he started playing at the age of six. The kocks, his
mother's family, and the Einstein had lived in Southern Germany for more than a century, selling
cloth, farming, and clerking in banks. During their free hours they enjoyed boating on the Danube
and walking in the woods.
Both families were Jewish . In 1880, when Albert was one year old, his father's business
failed and the family moved to Munich, the capital of Bavaria A heavily catholic city, it featured art
galleries, breweries and a university. Einstein's father Herman. managed an electrical machinery firm
which was financed partly by the Kock family. Einstein's mother Pauline, was a cultured woman and
excellent pianist. She was 11 years younger than her husband. Pauline not only motivated her son to
encouraged his scientific ambitions.
When Einstein was fifteen, his father's business failed again, and the family relocated in Italy,
Milan. Einstein stayed behind to complete his education, but soon was asked to live school. He
eventually joined his family in Italy. His parents continued to support his scientific interests, however
enabling him to study at the " Swiss Federal Polytechnic School," or "Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology," in Zurich.
At the institute, Einstein met a petite, dark-haired Mileva Maric, who excelled in
mathematics. Albert and Mileva were married on January 6, 1903. Although the couple had two
sons, Mileva was dissatisfied with her life. She wanted either a career in her husband's work. After
many years of disagreement, the couple divorced in 1919, and Mileva became a university teacher
of mathem

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