Alginin Essay

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Flowers for Algernon is the diary of a retarded boy called Charlie Gordon.
Charlie wants to read and write like all the other people he knows, so he agrees to
participate in an experiment. Charlie has to take creative tests to determine if he is
intelligent or really retarded. Charlie does not do well on the tests, so he is chosen as
their first human subject for the experiment. The doctors have already done experiments
on a mouse called Algernon. He is much smarter than other mice because he has had an
operation. Charlie agrees to have the operation and his intelligence almost triples.
Charlie and Algernon develop a special friendship because they spend a lot of time doing
tests together.
Problems start because although Charlie's intelligence has increased, his
emotional level has not. He has a hard time socializing with girls, and knowing what to
do in gatherings of people, because of this Charlie tends to make a fool of himself at a
party when he drinks. Over a period of time he starts to remember things about his
childhood. He visits his parents but his father does not know him, although his mother
and sister do and are happy to see him. He loses his job because the other works feel
threatened by Charlie's new powers. He realizes the friend he thought he had just used
him and made fun of him.
Towards the end of the books, Charlie is angry and tired of being put on display
by the doctors. He is tired of being treated as an experiment instead of a person with
feelings. At one of the conventions where Charlie and Algernon are on display, Charlie
takes Algernon and runs away. Charlie knows that the consequence of his actions will
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