Alzeimer Essay

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Alzeimer (AD) is one of the most fatal disease in America. It strikes
More than 4 millions of personne. Unfortunately, it also attacks a lot of loved one. And
these loved ones are our parents, husband, wifes,

Brother or sisters. And we have to take care of them. But how can we deal with a personne
who cant remember our name even though he raised us? Before I answer that question, I will
talk about how AD

Stikes us.
Alzeheimer is characterized by amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. The
nerofibryllary tangles are fibers twisted in the neurons,

and by so, killing them. Usually AD is contracted by genetics factors
finded on some chromosomes. But it may been caused by injuries,
strokes, exposure to toxic substances, ethnicity, and bacterial infe-
ction. The plaques, formed in the brain areas affetcts the memory of
the patient. They are loated outside and around neurons as dense de-
posits of an amyloid protein. According to researchers, amloid is a cause of Alzheimer.
Even thougt there is no cure for AD, it exist a number of treat-
Ment. If you suspect a patient of AD, ask him an attention question, like, "why people who
lives in glasses houses shouldnt throw rocks."

If he fails to answer, he might have Alzheimer disease and should be refered to a
treatment.. There is 3 stages in AD. Mild: the patient might have trouble finding his
words r forget familiar names. Moderate: he will be desoriented, paranoid and/or
desoriented. He will also become urine-incontinent. And finally late: he will be innable
to speak intelligibly, swallowing problems, and have some fecal incontinence.

Now, lets return to our initial question, how to deal with personne
Suffering from AD. People suffering from Alzheimer needs a lot of support. They
frequentely loose appetites because they forget to eat

The food doesnt look appetazing. We should always give to patient suffering from AD finger
food and surve theme one bye one. We should also distract them with simple amusements but
not for more then 30 minutes. They might feel that there steel a mother of 28 years

old and think that there kids will come back from school at three. They will want to leave
to there houses to prepeare there arrival. Even

thougt there ar 82 years old. You must then walk with her and aknowledge that small child
should not wander around in the street

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