America After World War One Essay

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America After World War One

During the 1920s, tension arose between a new generation, with liberal and progressive
ideas, and a more traditional peer group, who favored conventional values and
sentimentalism. This social tension was caused by technological advancements, a revolution
in society in the period of and directly following World War I, a revolution of morals and
rapid urbanization. The new generation expressed themselves through the music of the
times, greater sexual promiscuity, use of technology and advertising, whereas the elder
generation manifested intolerance and resistance.

World War I is known as the first "modern" war, because a new kind of warfare was
utilized, new technologies were operated, planes fought in combat, and women played a key
role in manufacturing and other positions formerly held by men. In the shift from wartime
to peacetime, many women were reluctant and rebellious to return to their positions of
domesticity, and sought other opportunities. With the passing of the nineteenth amendment
in 1920, younger women felt even more liberated, and changed their style of dress, hair
and life: skirts became shorter, hair was bobbed, and many women began to smoke. Along
with this questioning of traditional values, one can see a steady increase in the divorce
rate and a sharp drop in the number of marriages. Religion, in a traditional way of life,
was also challenged with new theories such as that of evolution and natural selection,
literal interpretation of Scripture, and the incorporation of contemporary trends, such as
jazz, into one's image of heaven.

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