America's Homegrown Terrorists Essay

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America's Homegrown Terrorists

Every time you turn on the television, read a newspaper or listen to the radio you are
bound to hear something related to terrorism or war. In today's world, conflict or
disagreement between people or nations is inevitable and it just so happens all of the
peaceful naive Americans are stuck in the middle of it. You see it's fine and dandy to be
concerned with gang members armed with automatic weapons, terrorists from other nations
and the occasional lunatic down the street who decides to randomly kill people. But why is
no one concerned with the people the United States government trains to kill?

The government spends millions of dollars training a select few individuals in explosives,
long range sharp-shooting, reconnaissance, infiltration, extraction, and several other
lethal tactics unknown to civilians. Not only do these select individuals receive this
intense training in the art of war, they are also desensitized to the point where they are
almost not human. These once highly intelligent and very physically and mentally fit men
are now highly sophisticated, extremely intelligent killing machines. Their number one
priority is the accomplishment of the mission, and they will do what- ever necessary to
finish their objective. In fact, these men are so elite and so deadly, the terrorists
themselves decided to employ the same training regimens in the training of fellow

What about Oklahoma City, the Twin Towers of 911, the recent killing of three wives by
special forces soldiers returning from Afghanistan, the D.C. sniper and the Uni-bomber?
All these acts revolve around the intent to kill in a concealed manner using
unconventional methods. The same methods our special forces units thrive on. With the
exception of the special forces soldiers who killed their wives, all of these terrorist
acts involved the reconnaissance of the area, the analysis of the information gained, the
construction of a plan, and carrying out the mission itself. All of these events were done
by extremely intelligent and highly trained individuals. Ted Kaczynski didn't receive his
training in the military, but the others did and the terrorists who perpetrated the 911
attacks received similar training from military officials.

So why are very few people concerned with the government training individuals in the art
of war, then placing them in live fire situations, sending them off to war to kill, and
then returning them to the streets when their time is done?

It's shocking to look around and see how many homeless people, bums and blue collar
factory or construction workers are ex-military infantry or special forces. These people
receive no real job training, they are taken mentally and physically to levels beyond that
of a normal human being, and are eventually discarded by the same government who took away
their individuality and spirit. If you really think about the job opportunities for these
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