America Compare and Constrast Essay

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America is a country of great wealth and, often, greed, but it's also a worldwide known
unique culture where meny seek freedom.

America. Different ideas of our crazy non-traditional world flow in and out of meny meny
people's minds each day. And not all of them are American thoughts. To meny, we are
selfish and ignorant, as well as greedy. Thus may be true, but we have good qualities as
well. Some (maybe lots) of countries recognize that we go over seas to help others and we
share out knowledge and peace between our allies. We also accept people of all races to
come find jobs or to just visit. But then again, we're known for being viciously racist.
It's either irony or bullshit, especially if we, the freedom country, accept people and
then abuse them. Either way, I guess we kind of break our whole "freedom" thing. At least
in the sense of living without worries of racism.

Through our violence, we do have freedom, though. We have amendments that allow us to have
freedom of speech, freedom of privacy, freedom of justice, and more. Lots of the world has
strict rules and regulations that must be followed or great penalties are bestowed upon
the person who rebels. America is not an inhumane country. We believe in justice and
trial. Of course if found guilty, we make the felon suffer for a long time through more of
an emotional pain than a physical one. In parts of Africa, if accused of adultery, one's
to lick a scalding-hot metal pot right out of the fire. If the tongue blisters, it means
they're guilty. If not, they are innocent. Guilty or now, they pay a painful price of
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