American high schools not up to par Essay

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American high schools not up to par

American High Schools Not Up To Par
There are many factors that would lead someone to believe that high school is a waste of
time. High school has too many distractions for kids to try to concentrate on learning.
Since the Columbine tragedy police officers have moved into most high schools and created
a distraction for most students. During the day students have study halls that are a huge
waste of time, while this time could be utilized to have more instruction or tutoring for
kids. Every student is different and has a different learning style. Yet schools don't
separate kids by their learning style to help maximize their curriculum intake. Students
are also forced to take classes that they have no interest in and will not be used in
their future. All these reasons show how school has too much wasted time and is not doing
what it school is intended to do.

During the school day students are faced with many distractions that may keep them from
doing their best. Since all of the school shootings in recent years schools have beefed up
security across the country. Students are faced with metal detectors as they walk in the
school doors. Dogs are used in the schools to conduct random searches and some students
find this very controversial. Students are violent and are bringing weapons to school and
making bomb threats. These can cause lockdowns that can take hours to search the whole
school. This is all valuable time taken from the school day. Police officers are also a
new presence in the school system that intimidates students. School is supposed to be a
place of learning but now students have to worry if they are safe when they go to school.
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