American Revolution5 Essay

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American Revolution5

The American colonists rebelled because they had been denied their rights
Many events helped cause the American Revolution. It was a terrible war between the
colonies of America and the country of England. The three most important events that led
up to, and caused it, were the Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, and The Stamp Act.

The Boston Massacre was an encounter on March 5, 1770, that was five years before the
American Revolution between British troops and a group of citizens of Boston that were
then in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. British troops were quartered in the city to
discourage demonstrations of American revolutionists who were protesting the Townshend
Acts, a tax on imports to the colonies. As a result of constant harassment by the
citizens, a squad of British soldiers that had been struck by snow and ice balls with
rocks inside thrown during a demonstration, fired into the crowd, killing five men. The
eight soldiers and their commanding officer were tried for murder and were defended by
John Adams, later president of the United States, and Josiah Quincy. Two of the soldiers
were declared guilty of manslaughter, and the others, including the officer, were
acquitted. The incident was skillfully exploited by the American patriot Samuel Adams to
create anti-British sentiment in the colonies. After the incident the patriots of
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