Among the Hidden Essay

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Among the Hidden

The book I would like to tell you about is called Among the Hidden. The author of this
book is Margaret Peterson Haddix. In this book, there is a boy named Luke Garner who has
never been able to leave his backyard. He has only been able to quickly peak through
blinds for fear of being seen. Until the day the workers started cutting the trees down,
Luke was able to experience a little fresh air while rough-housing with his brothers in
their isolated backyard farmland. The reason for this is because of the population law.
The government believed that there wasn't enough food to feed the growing population, so
they made the law that there is only a maximum of two children allowed in each family.
That meant that Luke was an illegal third child. He had spent his whole life hiding from
the population police. Since the government forced the Garners to sell a lot of their
farmland for building houses, Luke had to stay inside, because now that the trees were
being cut down he had a huge chance of being seen in his backyard. Luke spent most of his
days in the attic where his room was. He found some little vents in the wall that he could
look out of and see the people that moved into the big, fancy houses. One day, he noticed
somebody peeking out of the house next door, even after he knew that everybody in that
family had left. He knew this because he kept a little record on the wall and marked down
when the people of each family came and left. He even knew how many people there were in
each family. That person peeking out of the window didn't belong there.

I was sad when I found out that Jen, the girl that had lived next door to Luke, had died
in her rally for trying to give illegal third children a right to live. She had gathered
about 40 other third children to come, but they had all gotten shot by government
officials (p. ). Before Luke found out that Jen had died, he had snuck into her house like
he usually did for their secret meetings. The alarm went off and he disabled it like Jen
had taught him to. Once he got into the third children chat room that Jen had created, the
front door to the house burst open and Jen's dad stepped in. Jen's dad, Luke later found
out, worked for the population police (p. ), the people that, without prior notice, barge
into people's houses and make sure there are no illegal third children living there. He
was on the third children's side, though. He offered to get Luke a fake I.D. and send him
to a boarding school for boys, and Luke accepted. I felt really sorry for Luke because he
would never be able to see his family again. The people who had raised Luke would never be
in his life again. Luke probably missed his mother especially, because she was the one
that would always sit down with Luke in the attic and talk to him and comfort him. Also,
the day he was going to the school, Luke's mother had made him two eggs for breakfast,
which she had to work 40 extra hours for in the factory (p. ).

I can't really understand the part when Luke snuck into Jen's house for the first time and
she tackled him (p. ). As Jen was tackling Luke, Luke yelled out "Population Police!" and
Jen immediately stopped tackling him and got off. She automatically knew Luke was a third
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