Among the Impostors Essay

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Among the Impostors

I have just read the book titled Among the Impostors. The author of this book is Margaret
Peterson Haddix. This book is a sequel to Among the Hidden. In Among the Hidden, a boy
named Luke is hiding from the world because he is an illegal third child. He shouldn't
exist because the government limited the amount of children to each family to two because
of the decreasing amounts of food. Luke gets sick of hiding and wants to make a
difference, so he gets a fake I.D. with the help of a neighbor and goes to a boarding
school. Among the Impostors continues on with Luke's life in the boarding school, and
shows that no matter how people act, they can be very different on the inside. At the
boarding school, there is a boy named Jason who gives Luke a very hard time. He has him do
push-ups and a bunch of other pointless tasks just in order to get into his bed. Luke is
getting sick of it, and one day, he notices that a door is open in the school. It shows
the outdoors, and Luke knows that's his only chance of escaping the wretched school. Once
he gets outside, he notices that it's surrounded by a huge forest that stretches for
miles. He ventures outside and makes himself a pitiful garden, but he feels good about it
anyway. That was the only thing that kept him there. Then one day he went outside and
found that his garden was ruined by people who had stomped all over it. Luke cooks up a
plan to bust the people that ruined his garden. He sneaks out during the night and waits
for the people to arrive outside. He finds that one of them is Jason. As he eavesdrops on
their conversation, he finds out that they're all third children too.

Once I finished this book, I felt irritated that Luke chose to stay at the school even
though he was told he could leave by a trusted neighbor and life-saver (p. 169). He wanted
to stay at the school to help all of the third children there live their life without fear
of being discovered. I don't see how he could help the world like he dreamed by having
every boy in the school contribute to the garden out back (p. 172). I think he would have
done better if he had accepted the offer to go to a real and good school instead of
staying at the boarding school with a bunch of low-social boys that would give Luke a bad
influence. I think he was ready to leave, just like Mr. Talbot thought, his neighbor (p.

The most important lesson that I learned in this story was that you need to be grateful
for what you have. Luke was a third child and spent his whole life hiding. Then he got
sent to a boarding school where it took him a long time to get accustomed and make
friends. When Luke did finally make a friend, it wasn't for long. He ended up
eavesdropping on Jason making a phone call to the Population Police and revealing the real
names of some third children that trusted him (p. 123). If I were Luke, I wouldn't have
accepted the fake I.D. I wouldn't have been able to stand being taken away from my family,
the only people I have ever known my whole life. This showed that Luke was brave and that
his dreams meant a lot to him. He also made a start to his dreams by helping every kid by
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