An Email from the Future Essay

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An Email from the Future

Dear Friend,

This is not a hoax. Take the following seriously. I am from the future, my name is Nobu
and I intend to inform you of the up and coming technological revolution and considerable
amount of change that is about to come your way. Am I right in saying that technology and
all that it has to offer has just recently been introduced to your society? Is it true
that merely 25 million people worldwide are connected to the net? I hope that all is well
for you in the beginning stages of what is to come. The Internet and capabilities of the
computer during your time have been upgraded beyond belief. For example, this letter is a
piece of present day, the year 2107, technology. Most importantly it has changed the way
society functions. Government is now exclusively through the computer, no more White
House, and though you may find it hard to believe, no more, President. From this one
change, life in America and all over the world has improved.

Upon looking back at previous societies, we have formed an Electronic Republic. Combining
aspects of all successful societies through out time. We have been influenced by the
Romans, Greeks, Europeans, and last but not least, Americans. Through this new Republic,
citizens can utilize an electronic infrastructure to build shared vision for key community
issues. It is truly amazing. Six key contact persons run the government, their title
being “The Big Six”. These contacts are elected electronically every year on November 7
(we kept some traditions). In the future we support the importance of constant variety
and the yearly elections help maintain this. Campaigns are no longer necessary because of
the Internet. People trust the computer because of so many new laws and ideals that have
been formed over the past hundred years. Everyone watches speeches; debates and can even
interact with Contacts through the computer. Two representatives from each state, who are
also electronically elected, then inform the Big Six. Beneath the State comes a
representative from each region. Through the Internet each Contact relays information
over the net to the next level. It is a genius way to make the small people count. We
have weekly virtual forums that everyone is invited and encouraged to take part in. You
can discuss current issues with the leaders of your country. This leads to a rise in
government participation and an overall good attitude towards government.

Our government, in 2050, decided to make Internet access available to all people. On
January 1, 2050, each and every home was installed with a government formatted Internet.
On every street corner, in every restaurant, and through out towns and cities computers
were installed. Although the system was implemented on January 1, 2050, it was not
completed until almost three years later. This new system provides a world blind to skin
color and physical appearances; it has lead to the first woman elected to a major
political position along with the first non-Caucasian individual. Society has changed the
way it approaches every aspect of life because of the benefits made possible through the
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