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An Interesting Story, Purely Imaginative

In winter all the trees and fields are bare, and both covered by dewy, frosty cobwebs made
by early, busy spiders. The webs are everywhere, it's magical, as if a huge spider came
along in the night and made a patchwork quilt to keep the grass warm. Everything is frosty
and the house looks bare and out of place in this stark wilderness that is my home. I
don't seem to have mentioned my only other companion; he is called Dog. I have to admit
that I wasn't in a particularly imaginative mood when I named him, and certainly not for
naming puppies. So I called him Dog, he liked it and it stuck. I found him when he was a
puppy in the middle of the woods; he was obviously the runt of the litter and was left
behind. We go everywhere together; you could say that we were inseparable, he certainly
thinks that. Dog and I go skating on the lake, now that it is completely iced over. It is
much too cold to hunt and all the animals are hibernating, but I should have enough meat
to see us through until the spring. The mountains behind the house seem bigger and more
‘alive' than ever, casting long shadows over nearly everything; engulfing the whole
landscape; house, trees, fields, all. It snows a lot now, and the house is sometimes
blanketed in a layer of thick, white, creamy snow. The fields too, when they are not
cobwebbed. The trees look out of place too, naked against the bleak and barren landscape.
I am sure Dog doesn't favour it much in these desolate times either. I am just surviving
and waiting for the lake to thaw, the trees to gather their leaves, the mountains to show
their paths, the rabbits to rear their dozy heads. I am sure he can't wait until spring,
and neither can I.

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