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An Overview of AnheuserBusch

Statistical Information
Anheus er-Busch started the month of October out at 41.75. Which is relatively high,
compared to the 52-week high/low which was 27.31-44.94, for that day. The high/low a year
ago was 32.3-42.0 and for two years ago it was 21.5-34.1. As you can see, the high/low
has rose over the years.

The price-earning ratio on the starting day was 26.31% while the dividend was
.66 per share. On start day .00316% of 905,807,000 shares were traded. That equals
28,623 shares. Total debt liability is over 5.1 billion dollars whereas the total sales
are over 11.7 billion.

Anheuser-Busch is in two very different industries, entertainment (theme parks) and
alcohol. I couldn't find a company that had holdings in both industries such as
Anheuser-Busch, so I picked to companies, one from each industry. Comparing Anheuser to
Heineken, both from the alcohol industry, you can see that Heineken stock, worth 55.13, is
worth over ten dollars more than Anheuser stock, worth 41.75. Heineken has been
increasing in popularity, in the United States, over the past few years. I chose to
compare Anheuser to the most well known theme park operator in the United States, Disney.
Disney is trading at 37.31 a substantial amount less than Anheuser-Busch.

Des cription and History
Anheuser has offices, breweries, and approximately 62,000 shareholders around the world.
The head office is located at One Busch Place, St. Louis, Missouri.

Anheuser has holdings in two very different markets. Besides the alcohol industry,
Anheuser-Busch also owns and operates nine theme parks in the United States. They own the
well-known Busch Gardens, located in Florida and Virginia, and Sea World, located in
Florida, California, Texas, and Ohio. They also own two water parks, Water Country USA,
located in Virginia, and Adventure Island, located in Florida, a family friendly amusement
park, Sesame Place, and Discovery Cove, a reserve where you can interact with dolphins and
other sea creatures.

We could live without the industries that Anheuser-Busch deals in. Would we want to
though, probably not? They add excitement to our lives. The theme park and alcohol
industries are huge. It is all because we, as Americans, want to have fun.

The main alcoholic beverage made by Anheuser-Busch is beer. The varieties they make are
innumerable. Anheuser is solely responsible for the Budweiser, Michelob, O'Douls, Red
Wolf, Ziegenboch, Pacific Ridge, Natural Light, Hurricane, King Cobra, Tequiza, and Doc
Otis Malt Beverage lines. They are jointly responsible with various companies for the
Redhook Ale, Widmer Brothers, and Kirin Brewery lines. Their international holdings
include 50% ownership in a brewing company in Mexico, Grupo Modelo, the maker of Corona.

Anheuser-Busch began in 1860 when Eberhard Anheuser bought a failing Bavarian Brewery.
His son in law, Adolphus Busch, went to work for him and took over the company when
Eberhard died in 1880. Busch built the brewery into a national leader, despite three
failures early in the business. Anheuser-Busch was the first to use pasteurization,
artificial refrigeration, and the first to bottle beer extensively. This allowed the
company to provide a higher-quality beer more efficiently and to make it a nationally
known beer.

Budweiser was introduced in 1876 as a beer that was made with the highest quality
ingredients and traditional brewing methods. Twenty years later came Michelob. A beer
marketed as a connoisseur's beer. The company made it through wars, depressions, and the
prohibition with the help of the Adolphus' grandsons. Today it is still one of the
world's most known breweries. The test of time and the quality of the products keep it

The focus of Anheuser-Busch is still to expand as far as possible. The introduction to
new products and the development of other ventures pushed Anheuser ahead of the rest.
With the development of their theme parks, Anheuser has opened new doors for themselves.
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