Analysis Of Amy Lowells Poem A Essay

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Analysis Of Amy Lowells Poem A

Analysis of Amy Lowell's Poem 'A Decade';

In 'A Decade,'; a poem by Amy Lowell, the reader is shown how a lover's attitude can go
from infatuation at first to just predictability and love. In this poem Lowell uses
imagery and similes to elaborate on the feelings of the speaker towards his/her lover. In
the beginning of the relationship the speaker is infatuated with the lover, and Lowell
expresses this infatuation through the use of a simile in line one when comparing the
lover to 'red wine and honey';. As the relationship goes on deeper into the decade a
comparison between the lover and 'morning bread'; is made in line three, showing the
reader that instead of being like 'red wine and honey'; in the beginning, which burnt the
speaker's mouth with sweetness, now the lover is perceived as being 'smooth and

The speaker of the poem could either be male or female, who is in love with someone and
has been with that person for a decade. The speaker is telling the one that he/she loves
how the feelings have gone from just being infatuated with them to being 'nourished'; by
them. The tone of the poem is hard to describe; it is actually the 'lovey dovey'; feeling
that should come to the reader while reading this poem. The poem has no set rhyme scheme,
and is six lines long in one stanza.

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