Ancient Roman Architecture Essay

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Ancient Roman Architecture

The ancient Romans are famous for many things. One thing is their adaptation and
development of architecture. From the Etruscans and early tribes the Romans found most of
their basic architectural skills. From the Greeks some components of Roman architecture
were adapted. Which gives some early Roman architecture some characteristics of oriental
architecture because of Greek contact with the Orient. The heart of Roman architecture was
the Roman forum, which was really being constructed under the rule of Octavian (Augustus)
Caesar. As time progressed the Roman architecture went into a stage of Greek like
buildings. After this Roman architecture as we know it today was starting to take
form.Etruscan architecture was really the beginning of Roman architecture. For example in
Etruscan tombs people would find many types of architectural traits found in many Roman
buildings. Like the fact they had vaulted entrances. Some cities had an influence, such as
the fortified city of Norba. After this Greece started to gain control in Italy that
greatly affected the Roman architecture of this time but not as much as Etruscan does in
the future. When the Greeks came in Rome was building their new buildings in the classic
Greek vaulted construction with Doric style columns. The start of this was in 179 B.C., it
started with the planing of the Temple to Fortuna Virilis. This was completed in
approximately 100 B.C. Then shortly after the completion of the Tabularium built in the
time of Sulla. In this period under the dictator Sulla, Hellenistic architecture
flourished in Rome, with the buildings Lindos, Cos, the acropolis at Pergamon, Fortuna at
Praeneste, the sanctuary of Hercules Victor at Tibur, and the temple of Jupiter Anxur at
Terracina. Though all these buildings were noticeably Hellenistic, they retained the
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