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Andrew was a small and ferocious Cape Verde hurricane that wrought unprecedented economic
devastation along a path through the northwestern Bahamas, the southern Florida peninsula,
and south-central Louisiana. Damage in the United States is estimated to be near 25
billion, making Andrew the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history1. The tropical
cyclone struck southern Dade County, Florida, especially hard, with violent winds and
storm surges characteristic of a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir/Simpson Hurricane
Scale, and with a central pressure (922 mb) that is the third lowest this century for a
hurricane at landfall in the United States. In Dade County alone, the forces of Andrew
resulted in 15 deaths and up to one-quarter million people left temporarily homeless. An
additional 25 lives were lost in Dade County from the indirect effects of Andrew2. The
direct loss of life seems remarkably low considering the destruction caused by this

a. Synoptic History
Satellite pictures and upper-air data indicate that Hurricane Andrew formed from a
tropical wave that crossed from the west coast of Africa to the tropical North Atlantic
Ocean on 14 August 1992. The wave moved westward at about 20 kt, steered by a swift and
deep easterly current on the south side of an area of high pressure. The wave passed to
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