Andrew Johnson's Restoration Plan

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Andrew Johnson's Restoration Plan

Andrew Johnson was a racist president who’s Restoration Plan implemented Black oppression in the South indirectly. His Reconstruction Plan reunified and rebuild Slave owners economically, socially and politically instead of the whole country including African Americans. This might have resulted from his non-belief in African American political rights. He sugar coated his Restoration Plan in many ways that made it hard for African Americans to break completely free from slavery.
In Andrew Johnson’s Restoration Plan he renounced succession in which the South had to promise that they would not withdraw from the union. This part of his plan did not end slavery of African Americans. Renounced succession was just about preventing white southerners from fighting the north. It was in Andrew’s best interest to keep the North and South united. This would make America look appealing to the rest of the country and even the rest of the world and then attract immigrants from all over.
Andrew Johnson Restoration Plan ratified the 13th amendment (abolishes slavery) with the intentions on keeping African Americans mentally enslaved. He knew that if he abolished slavery, he would be viewed as a “good president”. Abolishing slavery would make southerners wealthier by making African Americans work for low wages. Andrew’s Restoration Plan was a plan to keep African Americans mentally, socially and economically enslaved.
Andrew Johnson Reconstruction Plan pardoned rebel leaders

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