Andromeda Essay

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What would you do if the Andromeda Strain had happened in the United States? What could
you do if anything? If you think about it you would probably not notice it. Any type of
bacteria is virtually invisible to the naked eye. We know that bacteria lives in every
biotic and abiotic thing on this planet. Bacteria are in our every day life has adapted to
or evolved just like humans. That is the key to all life on this planet being able to
adapt or accommodate its surroundings.

In the book Andromeda Strain the disease had come from outer space, that would be the most
crucial and vital piece of information. To understand something you have to know what it
is where it comes from and what compounds it is made up of. The second thing that you have
to recognize like in the case of the Andromeda Strain is if its compounds are earth like
or if they are extraneous organisms from unknown reigns of space. You have to recognize
what it is attracted to what it consumes and what if any waste it produces. This is very
important to understanding how something works and survives.

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