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Editing Photos

To begin editing your photos, click the Edit button on the main screen. A variety of editing options are available.

Select & Crop
Crop a photo, or select a portion to be turned into a new layer.

Perform color correction or modification on your photos.

Paint Tools
Draw on your photo and use other photo retouching functions like Sharpen or Remove Red-Eye.

Special Effects
Modify your image with special effect filters.

Add text to your photos.

Different parts of images are stored in "layers" so each part can be manipulated without
changing the rest. You can, for example, add text on a layer then resize, paint, or remove
the text without damaging the picture stored on a different layer. Click this tab to see
the various layers in the image. (Note that most images will start with a single
background layer only.)

Select & Crop

This tab allows you to crop your photo or turn a portion of it into a new layer so it can
be modified separately. You can also use the selection tools to define an area, then use
Cut, Copy, and Paste commands by right clicking on the photo to move selections from one
photo to another.

Use the selection tools below to mark the desired area. Then click Crop to turn everything
except the selected area in the layer to transparency. If you want to crop all layers and
change the size of the image to match the cropped area, check the Apply To All Layers

Alternately, click Copy Selection As New Layer to turn the selected area into its own layer for further modification.

The Soft Edge slider will determine whether the crop/layer area is exactly as you selected, or "fades" along the edges.

Selection Tools:

Rectangle Select Tool
Circle Select Tool
Polygon Select Tool
Magic Wand Select Tool

Select Inverse Tool

Paint Tools

The retouching tools allow you to modify specific parts of your photos.

These buttons will swap between the Brush and Color palettes:

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