Antaeus Essay

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In the story "Antaeus," by Borden Deal, the main character T.J has three capabilities that
make him different from his friends. First of all, T.J. is a very intelligent boy. His new
city companions did not maintain the wisdom T.J. has about the world and how to deal with
people around. T. J. is also a receptive boy, a soft-spoken person who feels an attachment
to the land. Finally, T.J. is a tenacious boy who sticks to his plans once he starts it
and who would reject to the idea about destroying what he has created.

From T.J.'s own words and actions and through the narrator's observation, the reader
learns that T.J. is smart and unique. It was T.J.'s idea to build a roof garden, and he
figures out how to build it. He knew how to speak to other people, persuading them to do
what he wanted them to do. For example, he informed the other boys to find sand and carry
it up to the roof. The narrator stated, "T.J. was smart enough to start in one corner of
the building, heaping up the carried earth two or three feel thick, so that we had an
immediate result to look at…" He did not want to plant grass, but the other boys kept on
telling him how great it would be to play on it and to have picnics. T.J. still wanted to
plant crops, but he was smart to give in. "He always knew when to give in" the narrator in
the story states. He knew how to motivate the other boys and knew when to compromise. When
the building owners came up and asked what they were doing, T.J. then suggested that the
boys were actually trying to "pretty up" the roof. That shows that T.J. can think fast
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